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Discover Shannon Sea Sportfishing website's Fishing Report, your go-to source for the latest updates on the exciting fishing action happening in Cape Cod's waters. As avid anglers ourselves, we understand the importance of staying informed about the best times and locations to cast your line. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a novice, our Fishing Report provides you with valuable insights, including species trends, hotspots, and techniques that are yielding impressive catches. Stay ahead of the game and maximize your fishing success by regularly checking our Fishing Report, where we strive to keep you in the know and help you make the most of your fishing adventures with Shannon Sea Sportfishing.

We get these questions often. What is a local fish in Cape Cod? What is the best time of day to fish the Cape Cod Canal? What month is best for cod fishing? Well, one of the local fish species abundant in Cape Cod is the striped bass, also known as "stripers." These prized game fish offer thrilling angling opportunities and are a popular target for fishermen visiting the area. Explore our fishing reports and discover the incredible experiences our guests have had reeling in these impressive fish!

Shannon Sea Sportfishing offers a range of trip durations, from 4 hours to 8 hours, allowing you to select the fishing adventure that suits your preferences and desired time on the water. With prime fishing conditions prevailing between April and October, this period offers the best opportunities to cast your line and reel in your desired catch. We understand that planning a fishing trip involves sifting through numerous resources, and we're delighted that you've found value in our insights. At Shannon Sea Sportfishing, we are dedicated to sharing our expertise and passion for this remarkable fishing destination with fellow avid anglers like yourself. We can't wait to embark on an exciting fishing adventure with you!

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June 19, 2023

The shoals are still HOT

The shoals are still holding nice sized stripe bass.  We left the dock at 11am , afternoon trip, and we were at our spot in no time.  Lines in and tight we went.  We started with a 25 inch and worked ip to a 34 incher. We did fine one slot size one otherwise all the action you could want and we took dinner home too!!
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June 10, 2023

Still plenty of Bass in the bay

The fishing is still very active in Cape Cod Bay. we had plenty of action over the weekend. We had fish from 24 inches to 39 inches.  We did manage to grab a few fish that were in the slot catagory for dinner on friday and saturday night. 
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June 7, 2023

Fishing on the Shoals

With the winds blowing all weekend and half of this week, we were able to get out.  We started in deep water however nothing was touching anything ao we moved to the shoals.  We set out the jigs and started to bring aome fish over the gunnels.  Reid , who worked hard was able to get dinner for all.  
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May 30, 2023

Stripe Bass are here

The fishing in Cape Cod Bay is awesome right now. Today we went out at eight and we had fish already on the hook by 830. We were able to grab some keepers for our clients who took them home and grilled them up and had a great dinner.  I don't know how long this is going to last, but there are all sizes of fish out there, book your trip now and see what's going on out there as we will hunt Cape Cod Bay looking for your dinner.
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May 21, 2023

Stripe bass are in the bay

First trip of the season and we took home some great filets of stripe bass.  Plenty of fish out theew so reach out and we can get you out on the water.  We caught our keepers on diving lures however their is top water action too.
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June 23, 2022

Cape Cod Bay Fishing Report

Awesome morning. First 4 fish were perfect slot size Bass and the last fish of the day was a Keepah. Everyone is eating fresh Striper for Sunday dinner. All our gear is from NCO so thank you!!